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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A lender, and a borrower be!

Tonight I'll be meeting a fellow freecycler for the second time in a parking lot off the highway. 

Is freecycle such a clandestine affair?  Not at all. 

I posted a WANTED ad a month ago:  My sister was having her first baby girl, I was hosting her shower, and boy, can those things get expensive!  So I was interested in seeing if anyone had baby shower decorations to spare.  Viola!    One woman had a box bursting with pink and white decorations.  Some were expendable (crepe paper) and some she would like back (centerpeices.)  NOT a problem.

Freecycle's official policy is not to post "to borrow" ads, I suspect because that can get problematic/complicated and there's no liability for the organization.  But those of us down on the ground can and do get past that on occasions like this one.

so pretty!

In gratitude, I'm paying this kind lend back with the handmade "congratulations" banner i made.. it turned out really cute, and I'm happy to think someone else will enjoy it in the future.

In a bit, when i start documenting individual freecycle finds, I'll show you the silver punchbowl set we used for the mimosa.

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