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Friday, January 22, 2010

Freecycle Frustrations and Laughs

Looking back at the pictures from the baby shower mentioned a couple days ago, I started thinking about how great it is to be able to fulfill someone's desires.  That led me to think about WANTED posts I have answered in the past.

After four years of being a Freecycler I've definitely streamlined our "stuff."  Whereas we used to have at least one room or closet full of stuff we might someday use (but never did), we've winnowed down via Freecycle to something approaching common sense:  Seasonal stuff, kid things specifically on hold for upcoming family births, and a realistic number of "projects" (like that ceiling fan i just know we're going to hang soon!)

Anyway, so that leaves me with a lot less to OFFER,  but every once in a while someone's WANT aligns with my available stuff, and there we go.

It should be that simple, but I have experiencial evidence to the contrary.   In my immediate memory:

1.  Moving boxes
2. Pokemon cards
3. Shower supplies to lend*
4. "Any" supplies for a displaced family of 5 in need.

have all been WANTED posts to which I've responded in the last year, and thereby gathered said items, placed them out on the porch, given some stranger my address... only to have them be a "no show".  

Sometimes I've gotten a "found another offer closer/sooner, sorry!", sometimes I've gotten no response, and sometimes (I'm looking at you, Pokemon card lady), I've actually been strung along for over TWO weeks! lol.  There's only so long I can keep this plastic bag full of cards on the porch, youse guys.  Number 4 above actually showed on the second try, but then took about half the stuff i'd gathered (granted it was a couple carloads worth), and never returned for the rest even though she indicated she would.  meh.

* This triangulated lend situation would have been great.. the lady who lent my the supplies agreed to have the second lady borrow them from me...again, meh.


The funniest freecycle WANTED post I ever saw was about a year ago (paraphrasing:)

WANTED:  Any spare gold you might have laying around, taking up room. 
Gold watches, jewelry, teeth, anything for a recycling project.

Because selling bulk gold at 40 cents on the dollar to middle men to sell to the refineries is apparently the new recycling ; D

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